Sociology & Anthropology

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    Development in an Unequal World (Sixth Edition)

    Edited by: Colm Regan

    This volume offers an introductory and accessible overview of key issues, debates, and perspectives in human development and human rights worldwide. The book explores topics such as human development, sustainability, justice, women's rights, international inequality patterns, aid, education, and ideas...

    Paper & DVD - 9780956718549 - $ 25.00

  • A Black Byzantium

    A Black Byzantium

    The Kingdom of Nupe in Nigeria (Reprint)

    By S.F. Nadel

    A Black Byzantium is a study of the Nupe of Northern Nigeria, based on intensive field research carried out by author S.F. Nadel in 1934 and 1935-6, while a Research Fellow of the International African Institute. The economic and political complexity...

    Paper - 9783894738730 - $ 29.95

  • A Boy's Short Life

    A Boy's Short Life

    The Story of Warren Braedon/Louis Johnson

    By Anna Haebich, Steve Mickler

    He never knew his name, he never knew his mother, he never knew his family, he never knew his people, he never knew his country. Born Alice Springs, 4th January, 1973, murdered Perth, 4th January, 1992...because he was black....

    Paper - 9781742585079 - $ 17.99

  • A Changing China: Day to Day Life in the New Century

    A Changing China: Day to Day Life in the New Century

    By Yuan Yue, Zhang Jun

    This book provides a vivid and detailed analysis of life in modern China. It brings together researchers, sociologists, entrepreneurs, and the findings of 20 years of polling research to show how the people of China have coped with the immense changes to their lives...

    Cloth - 9781844643615 - $ 120.00

  • A Child's Mind Required!

    A Child's Mind Required!

    Evaluation Results on a Health Promoting Initiative on AIDS and Sex Education for Primary Schools

    By Mary Lindner

    We can be assured that as children grow up and become a new adult generation, they will discover not only approved areas, but also taboo areas in their environment and in life itself....

    Paper - 9783940755308 - $ 52.00

  • A Day in May

    A Day in May

    Real Lives, True Stories

    By Charlie Bird

    Contributions by: Colm Toibin

    On May 23rd, 2015 the people of Ireland made history by becoming the first country in the world to introduce marriage equality by popular vote. The joyous scenes from Dublin Castle and across Ireland, as the historic vote was declared,...

    Cloth - 9781785370762 - $ 25.00

  • A Future for Small States

    A Future for Small States

    Overcoming Vulnerability

    By Commonwealth Secretariat

    There has been a dearth of solid analytical work done on the special problems of small states. This report attempts to overcome that shortcoming and provides a comprehensive analysis of vulnerability of small states in all its dimensions, including political, economic, social and environmental aspects. The...

    Paper - 9780850925111 - $ 99.95

  • A Glance in the Mirror

    A Glance in the Mirror

    Dutch and Polish religious cultures

    Edited by: Manuela Kalsky, Peter Nissen

    In 2010, Polish and Dutch scholars came together for a two-day study conference at the Catholic University of Lublin. The aim of this conference was an exchange of theological insights and views on the future of theology, church, and...

    Paper - 9783643901446 - $ 29.95

  • A Good Place to Live

    A Good Place to Live

    On How Municipality Level Characteristics Explain Municipality Level Variation in Children's Placement Risk (Study Paper No. 29)

    By Signe Hald Andersen

    Previous studies find significant community-level differences in the out-of-home placement rates of children. However, it remains unclear which community-level factors, other than geographical factors, explain the differences in placement rates....

    Paper - 9788790199418 - $ 9.75

  • A Handbook of Tswana Law and Custom

    A Handbook of Tswana Law and Custom

    Compiled for the Bechuanaland Protectorate Administration

    By Isaac Schapera

    When Professor Isaac Schapera was asked in 1934 by the Protectorate Administration to compile a record of the traditional and modern laws of the Tswana tribes he had already been working since 1929 on a comprehensive ethnographic study of the Kgatla, and...

    Cloth - 9783894736859 - $ 69.95