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  • Research in the Archival Multiverse

    Research in the Archival Multiverse

    Edited by: Anne J. Gilliland, Sue McKemmish, Andrew J. Lau

    Within the past 15 years, the field of archival studies around the world has experienced unprecedented growth and archival studies graduate education programs today have among the highest enrollments in any information field. During the same period,...

    Ebooks - 9781876924706 - $ 99.95

  • Avian Anatomy

    Avian Anatomy

    Textbook and Colour Atlas (Second Edition)

    Edited by: Horst E. Koenig, Ruediger Korbel, Hans-Georg Liebich

    Contributions by: Corinna Klupiec

    Bringing together annotated images and anatomical terms, this reference book is a unique combination of a practical, clinically oriented textbook and pictorial atlas of avian anatomy. Containing very high quality...

    Ebooks - 9781910455944 - $ 195.00

  • Intellectual Response to the First World War

    Intellectual Response to the First World War

    How the Conflict Impacted on Ideas, Methods & Fields of Enquiry

    Edited by: Marysa Demoor, Sarah Posman, Cedric Van Dijck

    The First World War changed the dynamics of the European intellectual landscape in terms of international collaboration, the development of disciplines, and new institutional visions. The conflict not only...

    Ebooks - 9781782843931 - $ 59.99

  • David Foster Wallace

    David Foster Wallace

    Presences of the Other

    Edited by: Beatrice Pire, Pierre-Louis Patoine

    Why is David Foster Wallace so widely read? Why does his fiction and non-fiction continue to raise enthusiasm among an ever-growing variety of readers of all ages and backgrounds, not only in English-speaking countries but all over the world, while...

    Ebooks - 9781782844051 - $ 54.99

  • For the Tempus-Fugitives

    For the Tempus-Fugitives

    Poems and Verse-Essays

    By Christopher Norris

    This stunningly accomplished volume, which handles the most demanding verse forms with apparently effortless skill, confirms Christopher Norris's status as one of the most erudite, original and adventurous English-language poets of our time.--Terry Eagleton, Distinguished Professor of English Literature, University of Lancaster ***'Let's think,' writes...

    Ebooks - 9781782844327 - $ 29.95

  • Adoption of a Pro-US Foreign Policy by Spain & the United Kingdom

    Adoption of a Pro-US Foreign Policy by Spain & the United Kingdom

    Jose Maria Aznar & Tony Blair's Personal Motivations & their Global Impact

    By Nathan Jones

    The alliance between Prime Ministers Jos? Mar?a Aznar and Tony Blair represented a crucial moment in recent European and World politics, owing to the divisive nature of their support for the United States in the wake...

    Ebooks - 9781782844266 - $ 74.95

  • Telling it Slant

    Telling it Slant

    Critical Approaches to Helen Oyeyemi

    Edited by: Chloe Buckley, Sarah Ilott

    This collection develops a body of research around critically acclaimed author Helen Oyeyemi, putting her in dialogue with other contemporary writers and tracing her relationship with other works and literary traditions. Spanning the settings and cultural traditions of Britain,...

    Ebooks - 9781782844143 - $ 44.99

  • Filipinas Everywhere

    Filipinas Everywhere

    Essays in Criticism and Cultural Studies from a Filipino Perspective

    By E. San Juan, Jr.

    E. San Juan is remarkable for his commitment to literature and culture as vital areas of contemporary social life.~--Prof. Fredric Jameson, Duke University ***E. San Juan is one of the world's most distinguished progressive critics. He...

    Ebooks - 9781782844082 - $ 24.95

  • The Lusophone World

    The Lusophone World

    The Evolution of Portuguese National Narratives

    By Sarah Ashby

    Portugal's European Union honeymoon has officially ended. It was the victim of a Europe-wide political and financial crisis, and an unstable EU identity increasingly splintered along regional and economic fractures. What does this mean for the former ''good student'' of European democracy?...

    Ebooks - 9781782844020 - $ 69.95

  • Alcala Zamora and the Failure of the Spanish Republic, 1931-1936

    Alcala Zamora and the Failure of the Spanish Republic, 1931-1936

    By Stanley Payne

    The Second Spanish Republic (1931-36) was the only new liberal democratic regime to emerge in Europe during the 1930s. Historians, however, have focused primarily on the Civil War of 1936-39 that followed, devoting much less attention to the parliamentary regime that preceded it. This book deals with...

    Ebooks - 9781782843993 - $ 29.99