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  • Stories of Resilience

    Stories of Resilience

    Resilience in the Practice of Police Work

    By Marion Brepoels, Nanette Slagmolen, Annika Smit

    Thirteen stories, each of which recounts the real-life experiences of a professional working for or with the police force. This collection reveals the vulnerabilities and resilience of people who are passionately committed to their work,...

    Ebooks - 9789462745926 - $ 52.50

  • Radioactive Waste Management in International and European Legal  Perspective

    Radioactive Waste Management in International and European Legal Perspe...

    Edited by: Harry H.G. Post, Aurelien Raccah

    The management of radioactive waste in Europe and elsewhere has been the subject of continuous legal and political challenges, both in courtrooms and by environmental groups in the field. Public concern was and is often considerable. Somewhat remarkable perhaps, the management of...

    Ebooks - 9789462745889 - $ 67.50

  • Climate Change Governance in International Civil Aviation

    Climate Change Governance in International Civil Aviation

    Toward Regulating Emissions Relevant to Climate Change and Global Warming

    By Tanveer Ahmad

    Successful climate change governance in international civil aviation has yet to be achieved. In this book the author argues that, to successfully govern emissions from international civil aviation of relevance to climate change and global warming, binding legal...

    Ebooks - 9789462745841 - $ 135.00

  • The Ghetto Workers Law

    The Ghetto Workers Law

    Social Security Benefits for Work Undertaken in Nazi Ghettos under the German Federal Law

    By Avraham Weber

    Under the Nazi regime, tens of thousands of Jews lived in ghettos, working more or less normal jobs. Some of these ghettos had their own employment centers, and some employers even paid into retirements...

    Ebooks - 9789462745063 - $ 112.50

  • Desert in a Reparative Frame

    Desert in a Reparative Frame

    Re-defining Contemporary Criminal Justice

    By David J. Cornwell

    This work re-configures the concept of Desert within criminal punishment philosophy and practice away from its traditional and predominantly retributive orientation and towards a reparative and restorative mode of criminal justice delivery inclusive of all the stakeholders within the justice process. Its pragmatic...

    Ebooks - 9789462744646 - $ 73.50

  • Manga Vision

    Manga Vision

    Cultural and Communicative Perspectives

    Edited by: Sarah Pasfield Neofitou, Cathy Sell

    Contributions by: Queenie Chan

    Manga Vision examines cultural and communicative aspects of Japanese comics, drawing together scholars from Japan, Australia and Europe working in areas as diverse as cultural studies, linguistics, education, music, art, anthropology, and translation, to explore...

    Ebooks - 9781925377071 - $ 49.95

  • Creating History

    Creating History

    Stories of Ireland in Art

    By Brendan Rooney

    Upon leaving the National Gallery in Dublin during Easter week 1916, its registrar James Stephens was struck by 'the rumour of death and war' that gripped the air. One hundred years on, the National Gallery will evaluate these seismic historical events in its...

    Ebooks - 9781911024392 - $ 20.00

  • VAT and the NHS

    VAT and the NHS

    A technical guide (Second edition)

    By Martin Kaney

    VAT & the NHS is both a reference manual and a practical guide to managing VAT in the NHS. The book provides a comprehensive overview of VAT in the context of the NHS. It does not assume that readers are specialists in either...

    Ebooks - 9781910151228 - $ 110.00

  • Taxation of Small Businesses

    Taxation of Small Businesses


    By Malcolm James

    The Taxation of Small Businesses 2016-17 is a practical guide to all aspects of direct taxation of small businesses in one volume. It is ideal for sole practitioners and small partnerships, but will be a handy reference guide for all tax advisers. The book aims to give...

    Ebooks - 9781910151181 - $ 135.00

  • Contemporary Irish Theatre and Performance Studies Reader

    Contemporary Irish Theatre and Performance Studies Reader

    Edited by: Finola Cronin, Eamonn Jordan

    Drawing together over seventy outstanding essays from Carysfort Press's various publications on Irish theatre, this e-publication outlines the reach and complexity of Irish theatre. It provides particular understanding of the work of many internationally renowned Irish playwrights, directors, designers, and performers. The selected...

    Ebooks - 9781909325944 - $ 90.00