Children's & Young Adult Literature

  • Let it Flow

    Let it Flow

    By Roya Klingner, Monita Leavitt

    A lonely eagle decides to fly around the world after experiencing a vision. He does not know how this adventure will change his life forever. Written for families who have a gifted child, this book presents a fable about gifted children in the form...

    Paper - 9783643905130 - $ 44.95

  • My Name Is Myshkin

    My Name Is Myshkin

    A Philosophical Novel for Children

    By David Kennedy

    My Name is Myshkin is a philosophical novel for children 10 years and older, which explores themes in philosophy of science, environmental philosophy, and philosophy of mythology through dialogue. The story takes place in the context of an adventure tale set in the...

    Paper - 9783643902887 - $ 44.95