• A History of Modern Chemistry

    A History of Modern Chemistry

    By Noboru Hirota

    Noboru Hirota has produced a major historical analysis of how the field of chemistry has evolved over centuries. Spanning more than eight hundred pages, this book presents an exhaustive study of the field, showing how ground-breaking discoveries were made and innovative theories were constructed, with personal portrayals...

    Cloth - 9781920901141 - $ 100.00

  • Biopolymer Chemistry

    Biopolymer Chemistry

    By Olav Smidsrød, Størker Moe

    The book contains a description of the chemical structure of biological macromolecules, their size and shapes (conformation), and how the structure and the conformation determine the physical properties of such molecules. This book discusses the relationships between the chemical and physical properties of such...

    Paper - 9788251923842 - $ 158.00