Agricultural Sciences

  • A Brief History of Milk Production

    A Brief History of Milk Production

    From Farm to Market

    By Bert Collacott

    A Brief History of Milk Production details the history of milk farming from the earliest days through to the problems facing dairy farmers now. The book covers the massive transformation in one of the most important sectors in the agricultural industry, from work on...

    Paper - 9781910456521 - $ 14.95

  • A Farming Legacy 1910-2010

    A Farming Legacy 1910-2010

    Celebrating the Centenary of the Felix Thornley Cobbold Agricultural Trust

    By Rosalind Thomas

    The Felix Thornley Cobbold Agricultural Trust was established in Suffolk after the death of wealthy philanthropist Felix Cobbold. A Farming Legacy describes how the trust has developed during the course of a remarkable hundred years. The trust has...

    Paper - 9781908397140 - $ 32.95

  • A Hack Goes West

    A Hack Goes West

    On Horseback along the Oregon Trail

    By Dylan Winter

    150 years later, inspired by the struggles of the early pioneers and a lifetime of western films, Dylan Winter set out with his unlikely team of horses to recreate the trip. Over two thousand miles of inhospitable terrain and no help from...

    Paper - 9781905523689 - $ 14.95

  • A Land Girl's War

    A Land Girl's War

    By Joan Snelling

    In April 1941 eighteen-year-old Joan Snelling, or 'Pop' to her friends, volunteered for work in the Women's Land Army. Within weeks she was duly employed as a land girl at Hoveton Fruit Farm, Norfolk. Here she undertook all sorts of farm work including learning how to drive...

    Paper - 9781903366677 - $ 11.95

  • A Practical Guide to the Feeding of Organic Farm Animals

    A Practical Guide to the Feeding of Organic Farm Animals

    Pigs, Poultry, Cattle, Sheep and Goats

    By Robert Blair

    Authored by renowned animal scientist Robert Blair, who has a peerless reputation in organic livestock nutrition, A Practical Guide to the Feeding of Organic Farm Animals aims to translate the science of feeding organic livestock and distil it into practical guidance for...

    Paper - 9781910455708 - $ 39.95

  • A Way of Life

    A Way of Life

    Sheepdog Training, Handling and Trialling

    By Barbara C. Collins, H. Glyn Jones

    This book is a complete guide to sheepdog work in which the story of Glyn Jones' life with sheepdogs is presented as an integral part of his practical advice on training, handling, trialling and breeding. There are chapters...

    Paper - 9781903366271 - $ 24.95

  • Absolutely Appleby

    Absolutely Appleby

    By Heidi M. Sands

    The Eden valley is a beautiful yet little-known area of Cumbria except, that is, for one week in June each year when thousands of people flock to Appleby, the old county town of Westmorland. Appleby plays host to the largest horse fair of its kind in...

    Paper - 9781908397591 - $ 16.95

  • AEC Mammoth Major Mk V and Ergomatic Cab Rangers

    AEC Mammoth Major Mk V and Ergomatic Cab Rangers

    By Graham Edge

    This book shows the Mk V - announced in 1958 and immediately gaining a reputation for efficiency and reliability - performing work of various kinds.

    Publication Date: 9/22/2006
    Format: Paper
    ISBN: 9781902356174

    Paper - 9781902356174 - $ 14.95

  • AEC Mandator

    AEC Mandator

    By Graham Edge

    This book deals with the history and development of the AEC Mandator range from inception to demise. From its earliest days AEC was an engineering-led concern that maintained close relationships with its customers. The original AEC Mandator lorry first appeared in 1931 to fulfil the special requirements...

    Paper - 9781902356143 - $ 11.95

  • AEC Mercury

    AEC Mercury

    By Graham Edge

    In twenty-three years of production after it first entered service in 1954 some 40,000 Mercurys were produced, a tribute to the popularity of this medium-weight vehicle. The early Mercury weighed about 4 tons unladen, giving it a legal payload of 8 tons. One of the first of...

    Paper - 9781902356075 - $ 14.95