African Studies

  • 'This Matter of Women is Getting Very Bad'

    'This Matter of Women is Getting Very Bad'

    Gender, Development and Politics in Colonial Lesotho

    By Marc Epprecht

    Exploring the historiography of the four decades prior to Lesotho's independence in 1966, this book highlights neglected Basotho women's voices, including those of nuns, politicians, chiefs, prostitutes, runaways and homemakers, thereby providing a challenge to the models of development, politics and...

    Paper - 9780869809532 - $ 39.95

  • 'we remember differently'

    'we remember differently'

    Race, Memory, Imagination

    Edited by: Jyoti Mistry, Jordache A Ellapen

    Using the short film We Remember Differently (2005) as a focal point, this collection of essays addresses the conditions of cultural production in post-apartheid South Africa. Practiced in an apartheid context, art was strongly motivated as 'struggle art,' but in...

    Paper & DVD - 9781868886937 - $ 29.00

  • (D)urban Vortex

    (D)urban Vortex

    South African City in Transition

    Edited by: Vishnu Padayachee, Bill Freund

    Durban is a remarkable place in which to test propositions about the significance of the city and the significance of change. New urban literature tends to divide very sharply between the problems faced by cities with major resources at...

    Paper - 9781869140137 - $ 34.95

  • 50 Years of the Freedom Charter

    50 Years of the Freedom Charter

    Edited by: Raymond Suttner, Jeremy Cronin

    A revised edition of the earlier 30 Years of the Freedom Charter, which was banned for possession under apartheid. Such banning meant that the book could no longer be sold but even having it in one's possession could lead to prosecution. The work...

    Paper - 9781868883752 - $ 38.00

  • 9/11 and its Remediations in Popular Culture and Arts in Africa

    9/11 and its Remediations in Popular Culture and Arts in Africa

    Edited by: Heike Behrend, Tobias Wendl

    9/11 has been described as an "absolute event" that radically changed the course of history. It reinforced the opposition between Christian and Muslim worlds and led to the declaration of a unilateral war against a global network of terrorists that broke up the...

    Paper - 9783643906274 - $ 44.95

  • A Black Byzantium

    A Black Byzantium

    The Kingdom of Nupe in Nigeria (Reprint)

    By S.F. Nadel

    A Black Byzantium is a study of the Nupe of Northern Nigeria, based on intensive field research carried out by author S.F. Nadel in 1934 and 1935-6, while a Research Fellow of the International African Institute. The economic and political complexity...

    Paper - 9783894738730 - $ 29.95

  • A Daughter's Legacy

    A Daughter's Legacy

    By Pamphilia Hlapa

    ...what I know and what I have seen, I will tell. Things did happen to me and to other girls right in front of me. By silencing me, you let it happen to me and others, but I cannot let it happen to the daughters of the...

    Paper - 9781869140854 - $ 18.95

  • A Handbook on Regional Integration in Africa

    A Handbook on Regional Integration in Africa

    Towards Agenda 2063

    By Brendan Vickers

    Echoing the calls of Kwame Nkrumah and other pan-Africanists that 'Africa Must Unite,' continental integration and unity have been on the agenda ever since African countries gained political independence. African regional integration is seen as key to enhancing political cooperation at the pan-African level, and...

    Paper - 9781849291675 - $ 52.00

  • A History of Inequality in South Africa 1652-2002

    A History of Inequality in South Africa 1652-2002

    By Sampie Terreblanche

    In this major work - which took eight years to complete - Professor Sampie Terreblanche, a well-known Afrikaner academic of the University of Stellenbosch, provides an analysis of economic relations in South Africa. First, the book analyzes the work of numerous historians on inequality and exploitation in...

    Paper - 9781869140229 - $ 44.95

  • A History of the Yoruba People

    A History of the Yoruba People

    By Stephen Adebanji Akintoye

    A History of the Yoruba People is a comprehensive exploration of the founding and growth of one of the most influential groups in Africa. With a population of nearly 40 million spread across Western Africa - and diaspora communities in Europe, the Caribbean, Latin America, and...

    Cloth - 9782359260052 - $ 64.95