• A Survey of South African Crime Fiction

    A Survey of South African Crime Fiction

    Critical Analysis and Publishing History

    By Elizabeth le Roux, Sam Naidu

    Is crime fiction the new 'political novel' in South Africa? Why did the apartheid censors disapprove of crime fiction more than any other genre? Crime fiction continues to be a burgeoning literary category in post-apartheid South Africa, with more new authors, titles and themes emerging every year. This book...

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  • Albert Camus and the Critique of Violence

    Albert Camus and the Critique of Violence

    By David Ohana

    The temptation to resort to violence runs like a thread through Albert Camus' works, and can be viewed as an additional key to understanding his literary productions and philosophical writings. His short life and intellectual attitudes were almost all connected with brutality and cruel circumstance. At the age of one he lost his father, who was killed...

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  • Diasporic Tastescapes

    Diasporic Tastescapes

    Intersections of Food and Identity in Asian American Literature

    By Paula Torreiro Pazo

    Diasporic Tastescapes seeks to explore the culinary metaphors present in a selection of Asian American narratives written by a variety of contemporary authors. The intricate web of culinary motifs featured in these texts offers a fertile ground for the study of the real and imaginary [hi]stories of the...

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  • Environmental Law and Governance for the Anthropocene

    Environmental Law and Governance for the Anthropocene

    Edited by: Louis J. Kotze

    In this important edited collection, with contributions from some of the leading authors in their respective fields, we can begin to map out not only the enormity of the normative implications of the Anthropocene, but also a glimmer of hope; of humanity's capacity to respond ingeniously and creatively to the seemingly most intractable and urgent...

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  • Heritage and Change in the Arctic

    Heritage and Change in the Arctic

    Resources for the Present, and the Future

    Edited by: Robert C. Thomsen, Lill Rastad Bjorst

    In recent years, rapid changes to Arctic environments and conditions have spurred much analysis of the melting of sea and inland ice, the opening up of new sea routes, impacts on flora and fauna, and increased access to globally desired resources. In this book the...

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  • International Movement of Children

    International Movement of Children

    Law, Practice and Procedure (Second Edition)

    By Nigel Lowe, Michael Nicholls

    This fully updated title deals with both lawful movement and abduction of children into and out of the UK, including coverage of the criminal law, international adoption, and surrogacy. It contains information and case-law from important overseas jurisdictions to enable practitioners to advise parents of abducted children on the...

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  • Principles of Cross-Border Insolvency Law

    Principles of Cross-Border Insolvency Law

    By Reinhard Bork

    Cross-border insolvency rules of all kinds (e.g. European Insolvency Regulation, UNCITRAL Model Law, ALI Principles for the NAFTA States, national laws such as Chapter 15 US Bankruptcy Code or Sch. 1 Cross-Border Insolvency Regulation 2006) are founded on, and can be traced back to, basic values that aim to pursue and enforce such standards. Furthermore, several principles...

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  • Socialising Transgender

    Socialising Transgender

    Support in Transition

    By Kate Norman

    Kate Norman seeks to counterbalance the prevailing medicalized approach to statutory support for transgender people, which tends to focus on the physical processes of transition rather than on subsequent social role adjustment. She relates her own research findings to additional data and publications within three main themes: first, the provision of social support to transgender...

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  • State and Women in Islamic Republic of Iran

    State and Women in Islamic Republic of Iran

    Khomeini Era (1979-89)

    By Jyotika Teckchandani

    State and Women in Islamic Republic of Iran examines the relationship between the Islamic State of Iran and women from 1979 to 1989. It was during this period that various principles and organs of the Islamic State in Iran were institutionalized under the supervision of the late Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic...

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  • The Collected Poems of Fay Zwicky

    The Collected Poems of Fay Zwicky

    By Fay Zwicky

    Edited by: Tim Dolin, Lucy Dougan

    This volume collects Fay Zwicky's body of poetic work from her seven books alongside poetry uncollected and unpublished. It demonstrates an erudite and passionate crafter of language, and places Fay Zwicky at the summit of Australian poetry. "Zwicky is one of the world's finest poets; her sophistications of form and...

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  • The Life and Times of Arthur Browne in Ireland and America, 1756-1805

    The Life and Times of Arthur Browne in Ireland and America, 1756-1805

    Civil Law and Civil Liberties

    By Joseph C. Sweeney

    Born in Rhode Island, Arthur Browne was a lawyer, a scholar, and a politician in the Ireland of the late 18th century, where he established a brilliant reputation at a time of enormous conflict and upheaval. The pre-eminent maritime lawyer of his era, Browne was also an MP in the Irish parliament,...

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  • Veterinary Ethics

    Veterinary Ethics

    Navigating Tough Cases

    By Anne Fawcett, Siobhan Mullan

    Contributions by: Sean Wensley

    What should a vet do when a client can't pay for their animal's treatment? Or when asked their opinion on the killing of wildlife for disease control? Or when observing an animal welfare problem whilst off duty? Ethical problems are an every day part of life for veterinarians,...

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