• Antjie Krog: An Ethics of Body and Otherness

    Antjie Krog: An Ethics of Body and Otherness

    Edited by: Judith Lutge Coullie, Andries Visagie

    Antjie Krog: An Ethics of Body and Otherness brings together critical responses to the fascinating life's work of one of South Africa's most prominent writers and public figures. As the writer of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission chronicle, Country of My Skull (1998), other works of creative non-fiction, Afrikaans poetry, translations, and...

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  • Archaeology and Celtic Myth

    Archaeology and Celtic Myth

    An Exploration

    By John Waddell

    In this book, author John Waddell contends that elements of pre-Christian Celtic myth preserved in medieval Irish literature shed light on older traditions and beliefs not just in Ireland but elsewhere in Europe as well. Waddell mainly focuses on aspects of the mythology associated with four well-known Irish archaeological landscapes: Newgrange and the Boyne Valley, the...

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  • Crimes, Harms, and Wrongs

    Crimes, Harms, and Wrongs

    On the Principles of Criminalisation

    By A P Simester, Andreas von Hirsch

    When should we make use of the criminal law? Suppose that a responsible legislature seeks to enact a morally justifiable range of criminal prohibitions. What criteria should it apply when deciding whether to proscribe conduct? Crimes, Harms, and Wrongs - now available in paperback - is a philosophical...

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  • Cyber Warfare

    Cyber Warfare

    Military Cross-Border Computer Network Operations under International Law

    By Johann-Christoph Woltag

    In the last five years, the topic of cyber warfare has received much attention due to several so-called "cyber incidents" which have been qualified by many as State-sponsored cyber attacks. This book identifies rules and limits of cross-border computer network operations for which States bear the international responsibility during both...

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  • Gender Terrains in African Cinema

    Gender Terrains in African Cinema

    By Dominica Dipio

    Attaining its identity in the 1960s, African cinema is characteristically a post-colonial art form. The first group of filmmakers and critics saw themselves, together with the political elite, as responsible for building their new nations. They came up with a series of statements which underline what cinema should be in their contexts: an instrument for educating, decolonizing...

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  • Is It 'Cause It's Cool?

    Is It 'Cause It's Cool?

    Affective Encounters with American Culture

    Edited by: Astrid M. Fellner, Susanne Hamscha, Klaus Heissenberger, Jennifer J* Moos

    Even a global political watershed, such as the end of the Cold War, seems to have left a fundamental characteristic of cultural relations between the US and the rest of the world unchanged: American popular culture still stirs up emotion. American...

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  • Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry, Volume 27

    Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry, Volume 27

    Jews in the Kingdom of Poland, 1815-1918

    Edited by: Glenn Dynner, Antony Polonsky, Marcin Wodzinski

    The Kingdom of Poland, also known as the Congress Kingdom or Russian Poland, was created by a decision of the Congress of Vienna as part of its attempt to set up a post-Napoleonic European order. It incorporated lands that for many decades had been...

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  • Sources of Authority, volume 2

    Sources of Authority, volume 2

    Contemporary Churches

    Edited by: Tamara Grdzelidze

    The common study of the sources of authority shows that the church cannot exist without, beyond, or above authority. The church sustains the authority of God. And here comes the clash with the secular world. Discovering that sources of authority are inseparable from earthly life, Christians must learn how to bridge this clash without either...

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  • The Boundaries of 'the Japanese'

    The Boundaries of 'the Japanese'

    Volume 1: Okinawa 1818-1972 - Inclusion and Exclusion

    By Eiji Oguma

    Contributions by: Leonie R. Stickland

    The dynamics of inclusion and exclusion have operated for centuries in the island chain that constitutes Japan's southernmost prefecture, Okinawa - otherwise known as the Ryukyu Islands. Are the people of Okinawa 'Japanese' or not 'Japanese'? Answers to this puzzling question are explored in this...

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  • The Effective Youth Court

    The Effective Youth Court

    Juvenile Justice Procedures in Europe

    By Stephanie Rap, Ido Weijers

    The Effective Youth Court is purpose-made for professionals and academics working in the field of juvenile justice to inform them about a new interdisciplinary perspective. The book explores the way juvenile defendants are involved in the courtroom. The leading idea of the book is that a combination of two perspectives...

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  • Trafficking in Human Beings

    Trafficking in Human Beings

    A Comparative Study of the International Legal Documents

    By Demelsa Benito Sanchez, Ana Isabel Perez Cepeda

    Trafficking in human beings has become one of the most serious problems of the international community. Combating this phenomenon in an effective manner requires a comprehensive international approach of all countries. Being aware of this, several international organizations have launched a number of documents...

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  • Why Evolution Matters: A Jewish View

    Why Evolution Matters: A Jewish View

    By Joel Yehudah Rutman

    Why Evolution Matters examines the concept of evolution in relation to Judaism, showing that far from something to be avoided within the religion, evolutionary thought deepens an understanding of classic areas of Jewish concern, including free will, moral behavior, suffering, and death. The book presents a novel interpretation of biological evolution in which convergences, self-organization, constraints,...

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